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Dr. Alecea Standlee
Chair, Social Sciences Representative

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Concord University Human Subjects Review Board

The Human Subject Review Board (HSRB) helps faculty, staff, and students comply with institutional requirements and policies regarding ethical treatment of human participants in research.  The primary purpose of the Human Subjects Review Board is to protect the rights, dignity, welfare, and privacy of human subjects at the University or at other sites where human subjects research is conducted by persons affiliated with Concord University.  

All research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the HSRB prior to initiating the research. 


Human Subjects Research Proposals

Research reviewed by the HSRB will fall into one of three categories:

  • Exempt: Category I. The research is exempt from full board review.  The HSRB chair reviews the applicant’s submission and either approves, requests modification, or disapproves the research.  This type of review will take the least amount of time.
  • Expedited: Category II. The research qualifies for expedited rather than full board review.  The chair and two other members of the HSRB must review the applicant’s submission and either approve, request modification, or disapprove the research.  Every effort will be made to inform the applicant of the results of an expedited review within two weeks of the submission date. 
  • Full Board Review: Category III. Meetings of the full board are scheduled four times an academic year, the 4th week of September, the 1st week of November, the 4th week of February, and the 4th week of April.   If your research requires full board review, please submit your application at least one week prior to an upcoming meeting.  The principal investigator is expected to attend the HSRB meeting during which your research is reviewed.

The Office of Human Research Protections Decision Charts can help you determine whether your research qualifies as Exempt, Expedited or requires a full review of the CU Human Subjects Review Board. You may contact any member of the HSRB for further guidance in determining the appropriate level of review.

Submitting a Request for HSRB Review

Determine the review category for which your research qualifies (exempt, expedited, or full board review). Fill out the appropriate HSRB forms based on your review category. Submit a single, signed copy to the HSRB Chair.

Documents to Submit:



HSRB Meeting Schedule for Research Proposals Requiring Full Board Review:

The HSRB meets four times a year.

  • The fourth week of September
  • The first week of November
  • The fourth week of February
  • The fourth week of April

Additional meeting times may be arranged at the discretion of the Chair. Students anticipating summer research should plan to prepare their proposals for discussion at the April meeting.

All materials must be submitted to the Chair no later than one week before the HSRB meets.


HSRB Members