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May 22 2006

Legacy Brick Project Dedicated and Awards Given at Concord’s Alumni Banquet

Athens, W.Va. – At 5 p.m. on Friday, May 12, Joe Friedl ’62, former Concord University Alumni Association president, welcomed guests and supporters of the “Legacy Brick Project” to the breezeway between the J. Frank Marsh Library and Marsh Hall, where a number of specially inscribed bricks had been laid. Nearly 200 bricks were purchased by alumni and friends of the University either in honor of or in memory of individuals, families or organizations. Funds collected by the Alumni Association will go toward a legacy scholarship.

Friedl talked about the longevity of the project, the numerous break-even analyses reviewed by the committee and the various designs for the layout and location for the bricks. “Finally, we exceeded our quota!” stated Friedl, describing the sale of the bricks. He thanked Kati Whittaker ‘93, Beryle Santon ‘50, Suellen Hodges ’59, Rosalie Peck ’63 and Ben Crawford ‘58.

Ms. Peck then shared additional stories about the brick project and thanked Joe Fuda, a teacher at the Mercer County Vocational and Technical Center, for designing the layout and Larry Mann, manager of the institution’s physical plant. Mann was tasked with incorporating the brick layout in the University’s sidewalks. Mann thanked colleagues John “Gene” Buckland, Robert Curry, Stuart Hitt and Andrew Lilly, saying, “They did all the work!”

Mary Edna Beckett ’54 contributed the centerpiece for the Legacy Brick Project in honor of the George B. Beckett family.

Mr. Crawford made the official presentation of the Legacy Brick Project to the University. President Jerry Beasley accepted the Project on behalf of Concord University. “We would be in a pickle if we didn’t accept it!” he chuckled. “About a third of our students come as a result of having known someone who has attended Concord,” he said, emphasizing the importance of this project for funding scholarships for future students.

Officials then gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Participants included Ben Crawford ’58, Kati Whittaker ’93, Suellen Hodges ’59, Rosalie Peck ’63, Beryle Santon ’50, Joe Friedl ’62, Larry Mann, Mary Edna Beckett ’54 and Jerry Beasley.

Next, guests and dignitaries at the dedication ceremony joined others for the annual Concord University Alumni Banquet, held in the Student Center Ballroom at 6 p.m.

Ms. Peck, president of the University’s Alumni Association, welcomed approximately 115 guests to the banquet, and Nell K. Jeffries ’53, member of the Association’s executive council, provided the invocation. Aramark catered the buffet dinner.

Rose Ann E. Burgess ’59, member of the Association’s executive council, introduced featured speaker, Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds ’80, who talked about government and education. He represents Alleghany, Bath and Nelson counties in Virginia, and the cities of Buena Vista, Covington and Charlottesville, and he serves on four standing committees in Virginia’s senate.

Ms. Peck introduced faculty who are retiring from Concord, including Mr. Robert Whittinghill and Dr. April Puzzuoli.

Next, she introduced the recipients of the annual Association awards.

Nelrose Richards Price ‘46, registrar emeritus of Concord, was honored as the Golden Alumnus for 2006. The Golden Alumnus honor recognizes those who dedicated at least 25 years of service to Concord.

George W. Keatley ‘58, a retired Mercer County educator and principal, was recognized as Alumnus of the Year for 2006. Keatley serves as the vice president of the Pine Trees Chapter of the Concord University Alumni Association. He has been a faithful supporter of Concord, and he along with his colleagues have worked to promote and build the Chapter.

Victor Grigoraci ‘64 received the Outstanding Alumnus Award for 2006. Grigoraci has built a distinguished accounting career. He presently serves as treasurer of the City of Charleston. He has worked as an Internal Revenue Service agent and for several international accounting firms. He currently serves as chief operating officer for Grigoraci, Trainer, Wright & Paterno, an accounting and consulting firm.

In addition to the Association awards, Greg Puckett ‘93 was announced as the recipient of the Linda Fink Service award. “Since graduating from Concord, his life has been an example of service, passion and integrity,” stated Donald Reed ‘02, in his introduction of Puckett. “Greg has become the children’s voice and the parent’s confidant in the prevention field,” he continued. “Puckett built a coalition that conducts an annual teen expo, pushed a regulation into passage that provides smoke-free workplaces in Mercer County, revitalized local MADD chapters and was instrumental in Mercer County receiving the ‘100 Best Communities for Young People’ award from the America’s Promise Alliance for Youth.”

And finally, Marcella Whitlock ’39 was recognized for her long association with the Alumni Association. The Association will lay a brick in her honor in the Legacy Brick Project.

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PHOTO: Mary Edna Beckett ’54 contributed the centerpiece for the Legacy Brick Project in honor of the George B. Beckett family.

PHOTO: Dignitaries gather for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Pictured are (from left to right) Ben Crawford ’58, Kati Whittaker ’93, Suellen Hodges ’59, Rosalie Peck ’63, Beryle Santon ’50, Joe Friedl ’62, Larry Mann, Mary Edna Beckett ’54 and Jerry Beasley.

PHOTO: Creigh Deeds ‘80

PHOTO: Victor Grigoraci ‘64

PHOTO: George Keatley ‘58

PHOTO: Nelrose Price ‘46

PHOTO: Greg Puckett ‘93

PHOTO: Marcella Whitlock ‘39