Concord University News
For Immediate Release: 
Mar 22 2005

Concord Honors Employees at Service Awards Ceremony

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University President Jerry L. Beasley welcomed guests and honorees to the University’s Service Awards ceremony on Thursday, March 17, in the College Center State Room. The ceremony gives the University an opportunity to recognize employees who have reached five-year incremental benchmarks in their employment.

“History is a source of inspiration,” he noted. “Dr. Bard, who is retiring, has agreed to research and write a history of Concord. We’ve had a ‘short’ version, but never a comprehensive history of this institution and I am pleased that he has agreed to do this.”

Human Resources Representative Mitzi Cline organized the ceremony.

Recipients of five-year service awards were: Tim Barnes, Steve Barrett, Jennie Cordle, Paul Kane and Sara Whittaker.

Recipients of 10-year service awards were: Kathy Ball, Nancy Ellison and Rosalie Peck.

Recipients of 15-year service awards were: John Baker, Carolyn Cox, Eloise Elliot, Susie Lusk and Alvin White Jr.

Recipients of 20-year service awards were: Jeff Buckland, Mitzi Cline and Patricia Wimmer.

Recipient of the 25-year service award was Roy Shorter.

Recipient of the 30-year service award was David Bard.

Recipient of the 45-year service award was Mary Edna Beckett.


PHOTO: Recipients of five-year service awards: Tim Barnes, Steve Barrett and Paul Kane. Jennie Cordle and Sara Whittaker were not available for the photograph.

PHOTO: Recipients of 10-year service awards: Rosalie Peck, Kathy Ball and Nancy Ellison.

PHOTO: Recipients of 15-year service awards: Carolyn Cox and Eloise Elliot. Susie Lusk and Alvin White Jr. were not available for the photograph.

PHOTO: John Baker received a 15-year service award.

PHOTO: Recipients of 20-year service awards: Jeff Buckland, Mitzi Cline and Patricia Wimmer.

PHOTO: David Bard was the recipient of the 30-year service award.

PHOTO: Mary Edna Beckett was the recipient of the 45-year service award.