Concord University News
For Immediate Release: 
Mar 01 2004

Attention High School Students: Apply for Entrepreneurial Studies Program Scholarships at Concord, Deadline Is April 15

Athens, W. Va. – Concord College is accepting applications for the “Entrepreneurial Studies Program,” which allows entering freshmen to enroll in a program where they will receive instruction and mentoring in the various aspects of starting a business.

“Although the Program is in the business division, students do not have to major in business,” stated Dr. Susan Faulkner, program director. “Students may major in any program of study at the College—from graphic design to computer science to social work. Scholarships are available for entering freshmen.

“I would like to invite high school students in southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia to give this program serious consideration, and dream about the day when they would be able to contribute to our economy by launching a business in this region. This is an excellent opportunity that is provided by the Shott Foundation and the Tierney Foundation, in an effort to stir the entrepreneurial spirit in a way that will benefit our economy.”

Deadline for applications is 4 p.m., Thursday, April 15, and students may apply on-line. Log on to, click on “Admissions” then click on “Entrepreneurial Studies Program.” Or call toll free, 1-888-384-5249 or 1-304-384-5248 or e-mail


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