Concord University News
For Immediate Release: 
Oct 20 2003

Public Service Announcement: Concord College to Host “Mountain Lion” Open House, Saturday, November 8 for High School Juniors and Seniors

Athens, W. Va. – High school juniors and seniors are invited to attend the Concord College Mountain Lion Open House Saturday, November 8.

Students are encouraged to bring their parents.

The College will offer free seminars; students will learn how to improve their SAT test scores and parents will learn about financial aid options. Concord’s faculty members will be available for questions at an “academic fair” and student “ambassadors” will provide guided tours of the campus, residence halls and classrooms.

The Mountain Lion Open House begins at 9:30 a.m., with registration in the Alexander Fine Arts Center. There is no charge for lunch. After the Open House, students and their parents may attend an athletic event at no charge.

The Mountain Lion Open House is offered as a service to high school students to answer questions about attending college.

For information on attending Concord call 1-888-384-5249 or 1-304-384-5248 or e-mail


CONCORD COLLEGE NOTES: Persons with disabilities should contact Rick Dillon, 1-304-384-5231 if special accommodations are required.