Concord University News
For Immediate Release: 
Dec 12 2002

Concord College Housing and Resident Life Staff Receives Recognition

Athens, W.Va. - Andrew Sulgit, resident director for Wooddell Hall since 1999, and the manager for all social Greek fraternities and sororities was recently nominated by Director of Housing and Resident Life Rick Dillon for the new Professional Award presented annually by the West Virginia Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

In addition to effectively fulfilling his main duties as resident director and director of Greek life at Concord College, he was instrumental in creating an outdoor program for students, and created the College's first LaCrosse team.

Dillon said, "Sulgit rises every day to a great deal of responsibility, yet he does so with enthusiasm and professionalism. He remains a driving positive force and wonderful role model for the students he serves."

Marcella Snyder, resident director of North Towers, has been elected to hold the office of Director of the Web Page for the West Virginia Association of Student Personnel Administrators. The new position allows Snyder to serve on the executive board of a statewide organization.

Dillon stated, "The honor is especially remarkable since it occurred in the first full year of her employment here at Concord College." Dillon also said he has, "… come to rely on Snyder's judgement and advice, and the WVASPA will profit from her commitment as well."


Concord College Notes: Jessica Taylor, a student in Concord College’s English Department wrote this press release. Her hometown is Beckley, W.Va. She is majoring in English/writing with a minor in journalism. Her anticipated graduation date is May 2004.