Concord University Library

The J. Frank Marsh Library is centrally located between Marsh Hall and the student center. The facility has a seating capacity of 200 places, a collection consisting of 157,087 volumes and provides access to over 5,000 periodicals. The collection is chosen with the University Community in mind, however members of the public are permitted to use the resources of the library.

The library is a partial depository for United States government documents; maintains a significant collection of West Virginia historical materials, preserves a Concord University archival collection, and is home to the Wells Goodykoontz Collection of autographed portraits and photographs of presidents and other well-known personalities.




The J. Frank Marsh Library houses and preserves collections in a convenient and secure environment and strives to provide excellent service based on the development, organization, conservation, and management of collections and information systems. Access to information is expedited through sharing expertise, participating in networks and creating original bibliographic tools.

The Library is committed to meeting the information needs of all patrons in a professional and responsive manner. Assimilation of technological advances and adoption of creative management practices are critical to information access and resource sharing.

Marsh Library is managed within the context of clearly defined responsibilities and support for Library staff participation. Open communication, professional development and equal opportunity are priority concerns.

The Library will furnish user-oriented services, build significant and unique collections, and introduce new technologies for users. Collectively, these initiatives will support the University as a premier educational institution of higher learning in Southern West Virginia.