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Robinette, Jennifer
Adjunct Professor Communication Arts
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Division of Fine Arts
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My career includes a broad range of experiences in the academic and business worlds including working as a lobbyist, a political campaign manager, a marketing research analyst, a pharmaceutical sales representative, and a medical equipment sales executive. I have been teaching communication courses since 1994 at colleges and universities in West Virginia, Florida and Kentucky. I have also served as Director of Satellite Campuses for Concord University, as Program Coordinator for an Inside Washington Academic Seminar, and as Director of Student Services and the Writing Center at a four-year college exclusively for disabled students in Florida. Currently, I teach communication and public relations classes as an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Concord. I serve on the Human Subjects Review Board, the University Research Committee, and the Academic Policy Committee. I am a member of the National Communication Association, the Public Relations Society of America and the West Virginia Public Relations Society of America.

  • Ph.D. in Communication & Information Studies from the University of Kentucky in Lexington-2011
  • M.A. in Communication from Marshall University in Huntington, WV-1996
  • B.A. in Political Science from Marshall University in Huntington, WV-1993
Research Interests/Publications: 

My research interests include deceptive communication, interactivity, computer-mediated-communication, communication technology use and effects, cognitive psychology, and educational psychology.

My dissertation is entitled "Understanding Interactive Experiences: Perceived Interactivity and Presence with and without Other Avatars in the Online Virtual World Second Life." It is available at: http://uknowledge.uky.edu/gradschool_diss/145/

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