Department of Biology


Welcome to the Department of Biology

Programs in the Department of Biology are designed to help prepare students for rewarding careers in health care, biotechnology, environmental science, and biology education. For each of these careers students need to understand the explanatory principles of biology and basic methods of biological investigation. A broad range of core and elective courses in biology and physical science provides students the background necessary to successfully enter professional/graduate degree programs or the job market.


Students choosing their work in biology may pursue ...

(1) the Bachelor of Science in Biology - Pre-Professional.  The pre-professional major is designed for students planning on going to medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or pursuing a career in another health related area and for students interested in graduate school or other pre-professional programs.

(2) the Bachelor of Science in Biology - Liberal Arts. The liberal arts major is designed for students who are interested in graduate school or employment directly after graduation. Students successfully completing the program will be prepared for graduate studies in wide range of disciplines, including environmental science, molecular biology and genetics, and forensic science, or employment as a research technician.

(3) the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. The science education major prepares students to teach biology and other sciences in middle school or high school.

(4) The Biology Department is proud to announce a NEW area of emphasis in Biology  Bachelor of Science in Biology - Pre-Physical Therapy.


A minor field in biology is available for students who are majoring in other disciplines.


A student must earn a grade point average of 2.00 (C) in all courses required for the major or minor. Other courses taken in the Department will be included in the average. The teaching certification in biology requires a 2.50 grade point average.